About Dryva

DRYVA bridges the urban needs of the transportation sector using Smart Technology that suits the Retailers Market, and provides Cashless and very Affordable fares, as well as effective security for customers to curtail social vices which are common in the urban mass transit transportation system.

Our focus is providing remarkable transport service to the ‘Grass-Root Retail Market’ sector which makes up a vast portion of the transportation industry, while bringing in disruptive technology to the mix to provide effective solutions.

Africa’s most Affordable, Secured and Smart Transport System for all class of Commuters.

  1. Operate the most affordable transport system globally using our Shared Wealth Management System (SWMS).
  2. Become the Major Player in the Retail Market Sector for Commuters.
  3. Create a synergy program with the Government for each State to adopt ALL transport system to go cashless & Reduce Cash handling by all means possible
  4. To ensure maximum Customer safety on our Transport System using our technology framework.

No 113 Atiku Abubakar Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Phone / Fax

+2349062547012 (24/7 Customer Care)

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