DRYVA bridges the urban needs of the transportation sector using Smart Technology that suits the Retailers Market, and provides Cashless and very Affordable fares, as well as provide effective security for customers to curtail social vices which are common in the urban mass transit transportation system.

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    • The Smart Transport System built for you
    • Dryva helps you move around smartly, safely and affordable.
    • Ride against Insecurity and theft
    • Dryva's deployment of an automated tracking system gives optimum security from robbers and kidnappers.
    • Be where it matters most
    • A ride with Dryva gives you a guarantee of arrival on your prefered destination and that on time
    • Enjoy Cashless Rides
    • Whether you want to ride and pay weekly or at month-end, Dryva has got you covered.

    Providing remarkable transport service to the ‘Grass-Root Retail Market’ space which makes up a vast portion of the transportation sector, while bringing in disruptive technology to the mix to provide effective services that include cashless fares, customer security, lost item recovery, loyalty schemes, seamless IGR for states, etc.

    See why everyone wants to Ride with Dryva

    • Be Where it Matters Most
    • With Dryva, you can quickly arrive at your preferred destination and that within your budget.
    • Cashless Transportation
    • Dryva unleashes the adventure of transport without cash payment. All you need for a ride is an affordable monthly or weekly subscription.
    • No Kidnapping, No Harrasment
    • Dryva drastically eliminates theft-on-transit, kidnapping and all forms of harassments faced by transmuters.
    • Smart Networked Service
    • Connects the Customers, Drivers, and the Company under one smart system.
    • Safety, Durability and Comfort
    • Safety and Comfort is the very essence of dryva,ng
    • Convenience Guaranteed
    • With Dryva, your convenience is guaranteed.

    Safe, Secured, Smart 

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    No Cash, No Theft, No Harassment. Download and Take Control of your journey

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